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MicroBytes: Gluten Free Has Never Sounded So Good

MicroBytes: Gluten Free Has Never Sounded So Good


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Ever wondered how to stay afloat amidst the unpredictable waves of the crypto world? We, your hosts Mike and Brad, have got your back. This episode of Baking Profits brings you the exciting launch of our new bi-weekly episode series called "MicroBytes" these minisodes will be shorter episodes with bit size chats or information that we may not get to in our full episodes. In this episode we talk about the massive shift we’ve made in our pricing model. Unveiling our new “Bread Basket Bundle” that grants you access to our three strategies at a flat fee of $74.99, we aim to offer you diversification and consistent profitability, all the while helping you make sense of the tumultuous events in the crypto world over the past year. We dissect how these events have shaped our strategies and how the new bundle will help you breathe a little easier, both financially and mentally.

Moving forward, we can't help but spill some beans on the future of BreadBytes. We’re working on a passive trading strategy that will save your precious time and money. We discuss the importance of treating the bots passively and how the associated trading fees impact your profitability. Stay tuned next week as we bring you more exciting updates from the BreadBytes team. Get ready to navigate the crypto trading world like a pro. Next week, we'll be back for more. Join us then!

Recorded on 7/28/23


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