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Crypto 360: Bots, Market Trends and Investor Mindsets

Crypto 360: Bots, Market Trends and Investor Mindsets


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The crypto world is ever-evolving and in this episode, we discuss the shifting landscape and developments in the space. We share insights into our trading bots and how they differ from each other, as well as how each performs in a bullish versus bearish market. You’ll hear our thoughts on altcoins and meme coins, and which we consider the safest investments and why. When it comes to crypto, timing is everything and the average crypto trader tends to come in uninformed, jumping on trends at exactly the most inopportune time. Tune in for our predictions for the future of cryptocurrencies and find out what kind of mindset you need to have as an investor if you wish to succeed in the long run.

Key Points From This Episode:

• What Baking Profits is all about.
• Insight into Cinnamon Toast, our Ethereum trading bot: why it’s a long-only bot.
• The dynamics between bullish and bearish markets.
• How the Short Bread bot is designed to complement Cinnamon Toast.
• Multiple Time Frame Analysis explained.
• Our predictions for the Cosmic Cupcake bot.
• The volatility of the ATOM altcoin.
• Which altcoins we consider to be the safest investments and why.
• What will happen to crypto if Binance goes under.
• The shady practices of crypto exchanges.
• Criticism from people outside of the crypto space.
• Our thoughts on investing in meme coins like Pepe and SHIB.
• Predictions for the longevity of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
• The overall mindset of the average crypto trader.
• Exploring the he risk of bot hopping.
• What it takes to master crypto trading.

Recorded on 5/16/23

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