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Decrypting Consensus: Behind the Scenes

Decrypting Consensus: Behind the Scenes


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Consensus is an extraordinary and highly impactful event that brings together every facet of the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 communities. It holds the distinction of being the world's largest and longest-standing gathering in this realm. Consensus serves as a pivotal platform for alignment, cooperation, and problem-solving during the significant technological shift toward blockchain innovation. In today's episode, we offer listeners a recap of the exchanges and businesses we had the opportunity to network with, our partnership with AstraBit, and the key takeaways from Consensus 2023. We delve into topics such as the ability to trade stocks and crypto through a single exchange, the role of traditional finance in the crypto space, the potential opportunities that arise from regulations, and the innovative utilization of NFTs and blockchain technology by companies. We also share our most memorable moments from the event, highlight standout companies, discuss our key learnings from the conference, and much more! Tune in to immerse yourself in the groundbreaking world of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 as we take you on a captivating journey through the extraordinary event that was Consensus 2023.

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Key Points From This Episode:

• The major crypto exchanges that were a part of Consensus 2023.
• What the future holds for the smaller digital currency exchanges.
• Find out what BingX does differently compared to other exchanges.
• How regulations will provide more opportunities in the crypto sector.
• Placing trust within the system and being able to trade safely.
• Hear what businesses stood out the most at the conference.
• Fascinating ways companies are leveraging NFTs and blockchain technology.
• Details about AstraBit and why we are excited about the partnership.
• Discover which giveaways were our favorites during the event.
• The most interesting and bizarre conversations we had at the event.
• Whether Consensus is a suitable platform for trading bot companies.
• Common misconceptions people have about trading bots.
• Why BreadBytes chooses to sell its trading bots.
• We unpack the controversy surrounding leveraged cryptocurrency.
• Meeting people and networking opportunities at Consensus 2023.
• Find out our main takeaways from the event.

Recorded on 5/9/23

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